Sunrise Nurseries can provide better solutions for landscape planting, patios, walks, and wall. We also install low voltage lighting systems and specialize in waterscapes and rock gardens.We believe in the best tone of service and focus on a personal approach with our clients. As we are often giving key advice, which may be heard at appeal, we believe it is essential that this level of input to a project is maintained throughout. The team is well practiced in operating within a multi-disciplinary environment and under tight time scales and deadlines. Our client base ranges from blue chip companies to national, regional and local property developers. The type and range of projects that the team are experienced in are often high profile and in certain cases controversial.


Professional Design

Plan Early! Preplanning with us using a professionally designed landscape plan that will always insure you to get the best results out of the cost you will allocate to your landscaping.


Decorative concrete pave patios, walks, driveway, decorative concrete retaining walls, sitting walls and raised patio walls these are only a few hardscape items.


Mixing different fixtures and styles give you a way to magnify the beauty of your home and landscaping.Enhance your landscaping and home for night time, activities and social gatherings.


Planting is one of the most important visual components of our landscape designs. Our planting proposal is structured in separate segments to able you to pick and choose your priories, if so desired.


Waterscape or water features are beautiful and will transfer soothing and tranquil feelings to the homeowner and their guest.


Enhance your landscaping and home for night time, activities and social gatherings. Increase your security, and prevent accidences;

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Landscaping the first impression of you and your home!

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