Decorative concrete pave patios, walks, driveway, decorative concrete retaining walls, sitting walls and raised patio walls these are only a few hardscape items we install to beautify your property and expand the use of all your lifestyle and activities. View a few sample pictures of hardscape designs. New exciting colors, textures, shapes and mixing styles are all installed by our ICPI certified paver and our NCMA certified wall installers.

Examples of hardscapes include patios, walkways, retaining walls, sitting walls, fire pits, water features. Retaining walls are usually used to create boundaries between hardscapes and earth as well as landscape plantings. Hardscape is any hard surface landscape such as a patios, driveways, sitting walls, retaining walls or any other hard surface landscaping made up f hard materials such as stones, paver stones, concrete where softscape or soft landscaping refers to grass, plants, trees and bark.

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