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Landscape Planting is one of the most important visual components of our landscape planting designs. Placement, proper selection of various sizes is only one aspect. Using the correct planting to give you privacy where needed, delineation and maximize the appearance of the size of your properly enhances the overall beauty of your home. We must take into consideration of durability and plant resistance to deer and plant diseases. Our landscape planting proposal is structured in separate segments to able you to pick and choose your priories, if so desired. Under planting or over planting can be equally damaging to your homes overall appearance. Our design will be even balanced. We provide and install only the hardest and highest quality of the plants in the industry.

Landscape Plantings – Free Form:

This style of planting is usually recognized as mixed sizes and varieties. Many of the shrubs and trees not matching but balance the left and right sides of the overall design of either the front or backyard landscaping.


Landscape Planting – Structured Style:

Grouping of the same variety and sizes of plants and trees can give a very formal and clean look. The choose of year around color in the leaves and foliage of the shrubs becomes very important in its design.


Landscape Planting – Natural Style:

Natural style can be designed in a number of types. The use of material on the property or that is natural in its origin can be the theme of the design. The use of natural rock or boulders on the site or brought to the site can add a new level of originality to the look of the house and its property. Using plants that are native to the region can also influence the design.


Landscape Planting – House Style:

House styles should be highlighted by the type of planting designed that is installed. In all cases, the clients preferences and ideas should be considered in the planting designs.


Landscape Planting – Contemporary Style:

If the suited clothes makes the man or women, the landscaping makes thehouse. There is no reason that a free form planting design can not be used on a contemporary home, even though in most cases a structured style use to be the preferred style.


Landscape Planting – Colonial House Style:

By far this style of home is now being built in larger numbers. Design is one of the major factors in developing your home individuality.  The use of flowering trees and shrubs that bloom at different time during the season can have a huge impact on the design of your property.  Some homes, depending the existence of many trees, and shady conditions will use more planting beds and plants that will tolerate low light condition should be part of the landscape design thinking. Home that has fewer or no existing trees can have more lawn in their design.


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Landscape Planting and Design are the first impressions of you and your home!

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